Delta Farce

Holy smokes, it's somehow the 600th episode of We Hate Movies! 

And on this very special episode, we reach the conclusion of our coverage of live action Larry the Cable Guy movies with the truly abysmal Delta Farce! Could this movie be any more 2007 trapped in amber? Why did Keith David need to do this movie? And how many dads and uncles slapped their knees red at all the racist shit in this cinematic catastrophe? PLUS: It is truly astounding to the four of us that we have now reached the 600th episode of WHM Prime. This would absolutely NOT have happened without you fine folks out there tuning in week in and week out and we cannot begin to thank you all enough. So from Andrew, Chris, Eric & Steve, we're grateful that you found us, that you've stuck around, and that you continue to spread the word of WHM far and wide. Take it easy! 

Delta Farce stars Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, DJ Qualls, Lisa Lampenelli, and, for some reason, the legendary Keith David; directed by C.B. Harding.

Catch this guys this April when they play Boston, D.C., and Philly!

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