Episode 188 - Sabotage

On this week's episode the gang goes undercover with Arnold and the rest of his crummy DEA friends in the super embarrassing, pee-smelling crime drama, Sabotage! What is with all these ridiculous nicknames? We're looking at you, Monster! How hilarious is it when Arnold tells off that fat guy? And what on the planet Earth is with Olivia Williams' accent? PLUS: Indy got in the fridge for feminism! Sabotage stars Olivia Williams, Harold Perrineau and The Team: Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Breacher", Sam Worthington as "Monster", Joe Manganiello as "Grinder", Josh Holloway as "Neck", Terrence Howard as "Sugar", Max Martini as "Pyro", Kevin Vance as "Tripod", Mark Schlegel as "Smoke" Jennings and Mireille Enos as... Lizzy; directed by David Ayer.

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