Episode 318 - Samurai Cop

On this week's episode, the gang finally gets around to a hotly anticipated title, the absolutely fun and ridiculous, Samurai Cop! The final selection in the now-defunct Patreon Selects tier, this D-Grade cult classic features one of the worst wigs in cinema history, no less than five parking lot fight scenes, and several goons on PCP! PLUS: Patrick Stewart and the TNG cast get dragged to the film's big Hollywood "premiere!"

Samurai Cop stars Robert Z'Dar, Mathew Karedas (here as Matt Hannon), Janis Farley, Mark Frazier, Melissa Moore, Gerald Okamura, Dale Cummings, Cranston Komuro, and Joselito Rescober as "Costa Rican Waiter"; directed by Amir Shervan.

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