Episode 324 - Rising Sun

On this week's episode, the guys kick off the blessed month of Snipesgiving with the one and only Michael Crichton snooze, Rising Sun! What's with that terrible interrogation framing device they barely use? Why couldn't they find better lines and a stronger subplot for Steve Buscemi? And how in the world do you make us wait a whole eleven minutes before we see us some Wesley Snipes? PLUS: Sean Connery mixes up Jurassic Park dinosaurs with Japanese businessmen!

And to continue the Snipesgiving celebrations, be sure to catch WHM at the Bell House on 11/18 talking about the ridiculous Blade: Trinity! Get your tickets here!

Rising Sun stars Wesley Snipes, Sean Connery, Harvey Keitel, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Mako, Steve Buscemi, Ray Wise, and Tia Carrere; directed by Philip Kaufman.

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