Episode 404 - What Women Want

On this week's episode, the gang welcomes Chelsea Jupin into the studio as they try to tackle one of the biggest questions in the universe: why did they make What Women Want? How much did it pain Mel to have to sing and dance and put on lipstick for this film? Why did they bother with that suicide subplot? And have two actors had less chemistry on screen than Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson in this film? PLUS: Alan Alda gets notes from the future!

What Women Want stars Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Alan Alda, Marisa Tomei, Ashley Johnson, Mark Feuerstein, Lauren Holly, Delta Burke, Valerie Perrine, Judy Greer, Sarah Paulson, Ana Gasteyer, Lisa Edelstein, Loretta Devine, and Eric Balfour; directed by Nancy Meyers.

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