Episode 438 - The Wicker Man (2006) [Live at the Gramercy Theatre]

On this week's episode, the 2019 East Cage Tour comes to an end in beautiful New York City! The gang rounded things out at the Gramercy Theatre by talking about the absolutely ludicrous horror remake, The Wicker Man! What's with that Aaron Eckhart cameo? Why does Cage keep his entire suit on the whole film? And what a total boss conversation-ender Ellen Burstyn has here! PLUS: Take a drink every time someone makes a bee pun! Actually, don't do that. Definitely, definitely, definitely do not do that.

The Wicker Man stars Nicolas Cage, Ellen Burstyn, Kate Beahan, Frances Conroy, Molly Parker, and Leelee Sobieski; directed by Neil LaBute.

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