Episode 454 - Kindergarten Cop (Live in Portland)


On this week's episode, the gang is live from majestic Portland, Oregon discussing the 1990 family comedy/hardened police drama, Kindergarten Cop! Recorded on the recent west coast tour at the beautiful Aladdin Theater, the gang wants to know just why this movie starts like a scene from To Live and Die in L.A., what was with that vomit montage, and did the film really need that domestic violence sub-sub-subplot? PLUS: Jesse "The Body" Ventura auditions for some non-existent voice over roles in the film!

Kindergarten Cop stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed, Linda Hunt, Richard Tyson, Carroll Baker, Cathy Moriarty, Richard Portnow, and a bunch of rotten children; directed by Ivan Reitman.

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