Episode 534 - The Pest

On this week's episode, the 2021 Listener Request Month kicks off with one of the most requested titles in show history, The Pest! Listen as the guys try their best to make heads or tails of this dreadful, dreadful film! Can you tell it took three days to write the script? What is with all of these offensive impressions The Pest is doing? Did Leguizamo think he was doing a Groucho Marx-level performance? And can we not with all the "little specimen" stuff, Jeffrey Jones? PLUS: Did Leguizamo himself push for this film to be ripped from theaters after a week?

The Pest stars John Leguizamo, Jeffrey Jones, Freddy Rodriguez, Edoardo Ballerini, Aries Spears, Charles Hallahan, Tammy Townsend, Tom McCleister, and Joe Morton; directed by Paul Miller.

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