Making It So #1 - "Remembrance"


On the debut episode of Making It So, WHM's all-new Star Trek: Picard recap show, the gang is chatting about the series premiere of the latest Trek endeavor that gets off to a... mostly okay start! How rad is it seeing Picard running his family vineyard? What was with that acid spit bomb device? And boy, can Data sure paint a pretty picture! PLUS: Marvel at the slo-mo car crash that is Andrew trying to explain the Kelvin Timeline!

Making It So is a Star Trek: Picard recap show that, going forward, will only be available on our Patreon. Just like we did with The Mandalorian Half-Hour, please enjoy this first episode on us, and then head on over to our Patreon page to make sure you're subscribed—don't miss out on a minute of all-new Trek chat!

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