MELR0210 #19 - 90210 "The Gentle Art of Listening"

We kick off another week of quarantined pods with an all-new ep of MELR0210! The episode in question, a Beverly Hills, 90210 entry titled "The Gentle Art of Listening," originally graced the airwaves on December 6th, 1990. This wild episode features Brenda getting in too deep at a teen crisis hotline, Brandon thinking he's going to sleep with a massage therapist that used to work at the Peach Pit, Nat getting a bit loud in the back room, Scott botching a public prank phone call, Steve Sanders celebrating Grudge Week, David emceeing his first school event, Dylan not being around enough, and Andrea being needlessly condescending to Brenda!

MELR0210 is a new show we put together to help you pass the time during this more-than-necessary social distancing period. New episodes will air Mondays and Thursdays, right here on the main feed! So stay home, tune in, and yearn for the more innocent and sexy time of the 1990s!

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