MELR0210 #20 - Melrose Place "Burned"

On this week's second MELR0210 entry, the gang is chatting about the Melrose Place episode, "Burned"! This dull and confused-message episode originally aired September 16th, 1992, and it showcases Billy being racist, Rhonda yelling at Billy for being racist, Jake dealing with his boozy mom crashing on his couch, Sandy interfering with Jake's family problems, Michael being an asshole in a parenting class, Jane being blind to Michael's buffoonery, Alison getting lied to by Billy for the tenth week in a row, and Matt getting another chance to actually acknowledge he's gay! PLUS: Tap Dance + Street Fighting = Robert De Niro kicks!

MELR0210 is a new show we put together to help you pass the time during this more-than-necessary social distancing period. New episodes will air Mondays and Thursdays, right here on the main feed! So stay home, tune in, and yearn for the more innocent and sexy time of the 1990s!

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