MELR0210 #22 - Melrose Place "A Promise Broken" (Special Commentary Edition)

On this week's very special sync-able commentary edition of MELR0210, the gang is watching the total whiff of a Melrose Place episode, "A Promise Broken." Originally airing September 30th, 1992, this episode features Jane and Michael suffering a loss and Michael being shitty about it as usual, Billy playing with Alison's bra, Jake breaking and entering, Alison repeating herself for the 30th time about Billy being terrible to her, and Sandy, Rhonda and Matt buying Jane and Michael a dog as a surprise like total jerks!

Please note that you can watch the episode along with us by syncing up your Melrose Place stream to the 00:00:00 time code and hitting PLAY when we say GO. If you have to start over, the commentary starts at this file's time code: 00:05:21. Please note that between 00:29:10 and 00:29:47 there is a longer than usual silence. Don't think we went anywhere! There was a glitch that had to be cut. Happy watching!

MELR0210 is a new show we put together to help you pass the time during this more-than-necessary social distancing period. New episodes will air Mondays and Thursdays, right here on the main feed! So stay home, tune in, and yearn for the more innocent and sexy time of the 1990s!

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