MELR0210 #3 - 90210 "Pilot, Part 2"

We kick off this week's run of MELR0210 by finishing up the second part of the 90210 pilot, originally known as one 90-ish minute entity titled, "Class of Beverly Hills"! What a scuzzy move by Brandon, no? How does Brenda's date not catch on that she's a high school student after that "black hole" conversation? And what's with that fish tank thing? PLUS: Hey, isn't that the guy from Hepcat?

MELR0210 is a new show the gang put together to help you pass the time during this necessary social distancing period. New episodes will air Mondays and Thursdays, right here on the main feed! So stay home, tune in, and yearn for the more innocent and sexy time of the 1990s!

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