MELR0210 #33 - 90210 "The Next Fifty Years"

On the season finale of MELR0210 the gang takes a Super Mario warp tunnel to Beverly Hills, 90210's second season so they can chat about the much-hyped episode, "The Next Fifty Years"! Originally airing November 7, 1991, this is the infamous Scott Scanlon accidental suicide episode that's been talked about since the birth of WHM! On top of showcasing Scott's final appearance on the show, this episode also features one of the most awkward birthday parties ever filmed, some heinous line dancing, multiple time capsules, a Mel Silver appearance, and one of the best Dylan McKay lines of all time!

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MELR0210 was a show we put together to help pass the time in quarantine, and it will one day return on our Patreon, so stay tuned! Until then, thanks so much for jumping on this 90's nostalgia train with us. Doing this show is a total blast and we look forward to picking it back up again one day soon!

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