MELR0210 #6 - Melrose Place "Lost & Found"

On the Melrose Place episode of this week's MELR0210 offerings, the gang is chatting about the third episode of season one, "Lost & Found"! Originally airing July 22nd, 1992, this episode has Billy writing a garbage screenplay and Allison being too much of a coward to lie to him; Michael and Jane doing the Michael & Jane nonsense, only this time there are chili-dogs involved; Sandy causing mischief like she's the complex's Woody Woodpecker; Jane flirting with a dude who has Michael Landon's haircut; and Jake finally, once and for all, avoiding jail time by officially getting Kelly to go back to her own show and take all her rotten friends with her! PLUS: The guys riff on secret apartment complex owner, Mel Rose—after all, it's his place!

MELR0210 is a new show we put together to help you pass the time during this necessary social distancing period. New episodes will air Mondays and Thursdays, right here on the main feed! So stay home, tune in, and yearn for the more innocent and sexy time of the 1990s!

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