Stone Cold (with Josh Lewis)

On this week's episode, this title may be on the H feed, but it’s a total WLM as the guys welcome back friend of the show Josh Lewis, from the Sleazoids podcast to help spread the word about the totally under-seen action classic, Stone Cold! How great is this cold open in the grocery store? Was The Boz’s mullet designed by NASA? And just marvel at this wild helicopter stunt at the end! PLUS: The film features one of the most disgusting smoothies we’ve seen since End of Days

Stone Cold stars Brian ‘The Boz’ Bosworth, William Forsythe, Arabella Holzbog, Sam McMurray, Richard Gant, Evan James, Paulo Tocha, David Tress, and Lance Henriksen as Chains; directed by Craig R. Baxley. 

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