The Mandalorian Half-Hour - Chapter 1


On the first episode of the all-new side show, The Mandalorian Half-Hour, the guys are chatting about the kick-off of the new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian! How bad ass was Herzog here? How come the Mandalorian doesn't have a sick codpiece? And how about Nick Nolte as that Ugnaught?! PLUS: Eric's dream of seeing a bounty hunter droid in action finally comes to pass!

The first episode of The Mandalorian Half-Hour is being distributed here on the main feed so everyone can get a taste. All future episodes, including episode 2 which is available right now, will be distributed on our Patreon.

A big thanks to the endlessly talented Felipe Sobreiro for another beautiful cover image—which you'll see on episode two! And please excuse the wonky nature of the audio here. We're still wrapping our brains around remote record logistics—the only way we're able to produce this show on our current schedule!

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