Unlock the Vault - The Nexus 24 "Space Seed" / "Skin of Evil"

We're unlocking the WHM Vault to offer up a Dog Days of Summer-primed episode of The Nexus! If you're not hip to our Patreon, now is your chance to check out an episode of our exclusive Star Trek-themed show—FREE! We can't stress enough that you don't have to be a fan of Trek to enjoy the show—even our own Chris Cabin couldn't care less about the franchise!

So if you like what you hear, head on over to our Patreon page and subscribe today! Instantly access hours, upon hours of exclusive content, not only for The Nexus, but also bonus shows on Star Wars, bizarre cartoons from the '80s and '90s... even a series of sync-able commentary tracks where we get drunk watching the Twilight movies!

Our Patreon is not only home to this massive archive of additional content you can't get anywhere else, but it's also how we keep the lights on here at WHM. So if you dig the show and like what we do, please consider supporting us over at the Patreon. You won't regret it!

This concludes our August 2019 pledge drive. Now go enjoy this oppressively humid summer day!

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