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Hello, gentle listener!

Full disclosure, if you got a notification about this clip getting posted when we made it live in early November of 2020, apologies in advance for wasting your time. We back-dated the post with the hope the system wouldn't make a big deal about getting this published. So if you're seeing this when it dropped, sorry for the interruption!

That said, if you're finding this piece of audio any time in the future, it means you've reached the end/beginning of our list of publicly available episodes! But never fear! In the WHM Archive, you've got about a hundred other episodes waiting for you. In our patrons-only archive, you can experience the early days of the show, listen to us learn how to do this thing, and marvel at the shocking amount of accurate death predictions we've had in our first ten years!

And when you join our Patreon, you unlock the vault and can listen to not only early WHM Prime 'sodes, but you can also get in on our army of bonus shows like Animation Damnation, our TOS/TNG show The Nexus, our Star Wars Gleep Glossary, our bizarro show We Love Movies, and of course, our re-cap show The Mandalorian Half-Hour! Not to mention the oodles of syncable commentary tracks for films like Commando, Evil Dead 2, Justice League, Predator and the entire Twilight franchise!

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