WHM Mail Bag 1.19.23 - Car Accidents, Star Trek Cruises, and Somebody's Watching Steve!

We're opening up the Mail Bag for the first time in 2023! 

On the latest edition of WHM Mail Bag, the gang was live-streaming on the WHM YouTube channel, answering fan questions from the chat, telling random stories, and yes, reading fan letters on the air that they selected from the about-to-burst Mail Bag, including: a fella who nearly killed himself while driving and listening to WHM (a legit hazard, btw, please use caution), another person who acted like a total coward in a haunted hedge maze, a woman bothering Star Trek's Michael Dorn on a cruise, and one little old lady getting tossed around violently in a horrendous Regal 4DX screening!

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If you want your wild stories read on the air, write into the Mail Bag! 

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