WHM Mail Bag - Broken Remotes, Soviet Cinema(s), Gross Rags, and Creepy Dude Teachers

On this month's WHM Mail Bag, the guys once again welcome Hooked on T.J. Hooker's Ben Worcester to read letters covering such family-friendly topics as insane dads with remote control control issues, friends wasting time in an ex-soviet movie theater, a creepy-as-hell male teacher terrorizing an all-girl private school, and one dude who needs to clean his car out way more often. PLUS: Eric gets denied a "Jay Walking" appearance!

If you want your weird stories read on the air, or if you have questions for the gang, write in to the WHM Mail Bag: ! Be sure to get your emails in now, gang. We're doing a Mail Bag for July and then taking August off! Don't wait! Write now!

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