WHM Mail Bag: Crying at LOTR, Getting Arrested on Easter, and Several Scary Bathroom Tales

We apologize for the weird audio glitches here. We had to overcome some hiccups, but stick it out because this Mail Bag episode is absolutely outrageous!

On this very special Mail Bag, the gang is at the HeadGum East studio in Brooklyn to read some letters alongside very special guests, their significant others: Chelsea, Jenn, Amy and Sofia! Contained in this episode are sordid tales of a person following their crush to a LOTR premiere and then crying HARD at the end in front of them, a mom getting arrested in at a video store on Easter Sunday, and several outrageous stories of bathroom-related public humiliation. CAUTION: Things get gross.

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This episode is brought to you by Diet Smoke (use code WHM), and Athletic Greens!
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