68: You Can’t Play Chicken with a GOAT (with Rainn Wilson)

Jake, Gareth and special guest Rainn Wilson talk to callers about an open house and a boss sharing too much info. Later, the guys chat with Rainn about his early days as an actor and landing the role of Dwight Schrute on The Office. 

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Every Tuesday starting April 9th, Rainn Wilson is releasing the Soul Boom podcast! Tune in each week to a series of intimate conversations that tickle the mind, heart and soul. Never too precious, yet unafraid to touch on the profound, Soul Boom digs into the core of the human experience: creativity, spirituality and psychology. Bringing to the conversation some of the most brilliant and heart-felt artists, thinkers and doers, Soul Boom guides the listener toward transformation on both a personal and societal level. Also, laughs. 

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