Munch Madness Finale with Mano Agapion, Jon Gabrus, and Betsy Sodaro (LIVE)

It’s the finale of For Whom the Bell Doughs: Munch Madness 2024: The Tournament of Chompions IX: Dough Quiero Talk-O’-Bell! Mano Agapion (@manoagapion), Jon Gabrus (@gabrus), and Betsy Sodaro (@betsysodaro) join forces with the 'boys to determine which Taco Bell item will reign supreme and take home the Dave Thomas Cup! Plus, a clash of Commissioners. Recorded live at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles on March 26, 2024.

Special thanks to The Voices of Christmas, Lisa, Alison, Kirk, and Bret!

Wanna watch the livestream? Tickets are available via until Tuesday, April 2! 

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