All Stars 5 Ep 6 - The Charles Family Backyard Ball (w/ Derrick Barry, Nicole Byer, & Mano Agapion)

WELCOME TO GAY HEAVEN! WE HAVE DERRICK BARRY! I REPEAT, WE HAVE DERRICK! Dive into an EPIC EP talkin' Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars 5 w/ Derrick Barry, Nicole Byer & Mano Agapion! And guess what, DERRICK BOILS US ALIVE WITH T, BIG OPINIONS, & STRAIGHT-UP SASSSS. We get answers about the INDIA drama, spill tea on behind the scenes scuttlebutt, and Derrick reveals WHO SHE THINKS SHOULD TAKE THE CROWN! PREPARE TO GAG, WHORES!!!!! PROPS TO YA, DWOTUR!

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