All Stars 6 - Ep 5 - Pink Table Talk (w/ Mano Agapion & Eugene Cordero)

Come On All Stars 6, Let's Question Production's Choices! We tawkin' the 5th ep of RPDR Allstars 6 with Mano Agapion & Eugene Cordero aka sickening drag queen: Meghan Da! WOW! Listen to these good ass friends hold nothing back when tawkin the queer phenomenon that is ALL-STARS!! This ep is filled with kikis about the atomic bomb just waiting to go off called Jan, the puzzling comfort of some of the oh-so-very-safe queens, and introduce a new runway theme called "Ok, but why the hat?!". ALSO, a special insight into what Silky is REALLLLLY up to these days! Go watch RPDR All Stars only on Paramount+ & first ep free on YouTube! KIKI with us at Drag Her's IG! PREPARE TO GAG, WHORES!!!!! PROPS TO YA, DWOTUR!

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