A Woman With Whimsy (with Blair Socci)

Blair Socci. Comedian. Actress. Writer. Scientist.

Totally spur of the moment, out of nowhere, random as all hell, Caleb and Shelby ask Blair what she'd put on her Golden Record. And what Blair creates is a work of art. It's a record that will teach the aliens of how adorable humanity can be, and also of an unparalleled, Grammy Award-winning alternative rock record from 1995. Blair also rebukes those who abandoned Anne Hathaway in her time of need, in the process absolving one of our hosts (ok it's Shelby but she KNOWS what she did and sees the error of her ways).

Blair's Golden Record

  • Tiny children with glasses (image)
  • Sending and receiving surprise gifts (human ephemera)
  • Alanis Morisette, Jagged Little Pill (audio)

  • Hook (audio-visual)

  • Eating large meals with friends and family (multisensory experience)

Original Voyager Artifact 

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