Billionaire Mindset (with Liva Pierce)

Caleb and Shelby have a sit-down with writer and comedian Liva Pierce to talk about their hopes, dreams, and personal choices of artifacts to send to outer space so that aliens may one day come to understand what life on Earth was like at its zenith.

Of COURSE there's Kate Bush. Of COURSE there's delicious food. You KNOW there are human social practices on there, and musicals. IT'S. ALL. THERE. Enjoy, aliens.

Shelby and Caleb are also extremely uncooperative when role-playing.

Liva's Artifacts

  • "The Big Sky" by Kate Bush (song)
  • A hot cookie (food)
  • When a coworker shares personal information (human social behavior)
  • Debriefing a party with funny friends whom you love (human social behavior)
  • Any production of Newsies (audio-visual)

Original Voyager Artifact

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