Boston Crime Donut (with Lureena Cornwell)

Some people say that art is chaos, and, in that sense? This episode

Actor, improviser, and writer Lureena Cornwell has a virtual visit with Caleb and Shelby, who, per usual, are in a fight. This time it's over a cat turd. Aside from that, though, our hosts must know what's on Lureena's record, which is so unfortunate because her internet service provider absolutely does not want that. 

When the dust has settled and Lureena's upload speed has improved beyond 1 Mbps, she gives the aliens a picture of the most ideal Earth: one in which domesticated animals walk themselves, clothes are reused, soup is filling, and where every human speaks with a non-rhotic dialect and either commits crime or cracks down on it.

Lureena's Artifacts

  • Pets walking with their humans without a leash (animal behavior)
  • Boston crime movies, ex: The Departed, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone (audio visual)
  • When someone compliments your outfit and you get to tell them it’s all thrifted and how much you spent on every item, with a bonus when it’s a 69 cent item from Salvation Army on 69 cent Saturday (multisensory experience)
  • Hearty soup (food)
  • Hand cut French fries (food) 
  • Family (human social structure)

The dog painting video that Shelby likes.

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