Bring in the Ringer (with Lou Roy)

Is there any lil freak/Lord of the Ring fan crossover? We sure do hope so, because Caleb, Shelby, and musician Lou Roy kind of go off about Tolkien for a while this week. 

They do manage to leave Middle Earth for a little while to talk about Hometown Buffet - which we tried to provide a URL link to but incredibly, does not have a website in this year of our lord 2022. So really if any humans or aliens want to learn about that place, they kind of have to listen to this ep???

Lou's Artifacts

  • Debussy's Clair de Lune (Music)
  • Hometown Buffet (Restaurant)
  • Supreme Croissant (no meat) From Jack-in-the-Box (Food)
  • Neopolitan Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Lou's journal entry from 2001 (age 9) that details her best friend betraying her by going to Hometown Buffet with a friend from his school without her (Archival Material)

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