Chapstick Lesbian (with Grace Kuhlenschmidt)

Comedian Grace Kuhlenschmidt realizes that her Golden Record is only for her—and that's ok. The aliens will take what they can and leave the rest.

But truly, how could they leave the cookies? And she made that cocktail for them, would the aliens dare refuse? They will love quirky, early 2000s pop music. And hopefully the documentary teaches them to not put humans in tiny cages when they conquer us.

Grace's Golden Record

  • Hoku and Mandy Moore (audio)
  • Blackfish (audio-visual)
  • Quadratinis (food)
  • Laying in warm grass (multisensory experience)
  • Being tomboy (multisensory experience)
  • Beeresca—a homemade cocktail recipe (food)

Original Voyager Artifact

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