Church Giggles (with Paul F. Tompkins)

Things discussed: tortoises, sperm whales, elephant seals, octopi, persian cucumbers, regular cucumbers, gerkins, Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. 

Things not discussed: why EJ is training his cat, and what techniques he is using to achieve his goals. 

And who better to discuss and not discuss these things with than professional discusser Paul F. Tompkins (Comedy Bang Bang!, Threedom, Mr. Show)??? Blessed to have him grace the Keeping Records studios with this hyper-specific list of space-bound mementos. 

Paul's Artifacts: 

  • The Sound Tortoises Make (Sound)
  • A Beach Towel Being Laid Out at the Beach (Experience)
  • The Sesame Street Alien Skit (Audio-visual)

  • Church Giggles (Shared Experience)

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