Clown Tour Pt. 2 (with MUNA)

Let's pick up where we left off, shall we? It's your favorite band MUNA back in the studio (that they never really left) to really get into their mostly gastronomy-related picks for the Golden Record.

In between listing out their favorite burrito spots, Naomi, Jo, and Katie listen encouragingly as Caleb and Shelby try their hand at songwriting; Caleb and Shelby give notes as MUNA sharpens their improv chops. It's a beautiful, symbiotic collaboration; a peak behind the creative curtain for lil freaks' eyes + ears only.

MUNA's Artifacts Pt 2:

  • Eating the Butt of a Burrito and Watching TV, and Putting That Little Bit of Hot Sauce in the Different Bites (Experience)
  • When You Mess Up a Word and it Sounds Funny (Gaffe)
  • A Nice Dinner with Friends (Shared Meal)
  • Bagel (Food)

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