Don't Broke What's Not Broken

Hey it's Caleb and Shelbo! Back with the long-awaited Golden Record from our main girl! Shelbo takes a while to find her camera but when she does, she FINALLY sets the record straight (in a gay way): we're taking a brief chhhiatus (a Jewish break), but we will be back with new episodes in a few weeks. So don't you dare hit that unsubscribe button, because we've got so much more Keeping Recordings for you. More news coming in this feed next week.

To tide you over 'til then, Shelbo's artifacts:

  • When Two People Meet at a Revolving Door at the Same Time and Push it together (Collaboration)
  • The Last 24 hrs at Summer Camp (Traumatic Childhood Event)
  • Rats On the Street vs Rats People Keep as Pets (Comparison)
  • Hanging Out with a Friend's Parent in Their Kitchen (Experience)
  • A New Nicki Minaj Verse Specifically for the Aliens (Audio)
  • Driving Around with your Friends Listening to Music w/ No Real Destination (Muli-Sensory Experience)
  • When the Cleveland Caveliers Won NBA Championship in 2016 (Sports History Moment)
  • The OC (2003-2007 Television Show)
  • Survivor (2000-Present Day Television Show)
  • Group Date to a Movie Theater at Age 12 (Tween Experience)
  • Shel Silverstein (Poet/Author)
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