Duke of Done Wrong (with Laura Peek)

Comedian/Tennessee native Laura Peek logs on with Caleb and Shelby to wade through the trials and tribulations of the best/worst four years of everyone's life: high school. Remember senior privileges? Remember absolutely roasting your teachers any time they even slightly misspoke? Remember how hot it was when 16-year-old boys chewed tobacco and had that little faded ring on the back pocket of their jeans? Yeah, no, definitely, us either, we also think that's gross........  

Laura's Artifacts

  • When you see a guy who looks like he would suck do something nice (Experience)
  • Waking up and thinking “oh shit it’s probably 7:30 am” but then looking at your phone and it’s like 2 am (Sense of Relief)
  • Chicken tenders and ranch from Nashville Shores Water Park (Food)
  • The time I pooped HUGE in my pants in first grade and didn’t realize it for a whole school day (Human Experience)
  • When someone is laughing and they touch your arm to kinda brace themselves against the laugh (Gesture)
  • Perfect cacio e pepe (Food)
  • The Holiday (2006 Film)

  • Hopping out of the pool at your friend’s birthday party for a quick bite of Ruffles and onion dip in the year 2000 (Experience)
  • One Camel cigarette (Vice)

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