Flirting With Friends (with Meg Stalter)

What begins as a meeting with beloved friend and comedian Meg Stalter immediately devolves into an episode of depravity and psychosis. Shelby leaves the recording, seemingly out of rage. Caleb exposes himself repeatedly. Meg says the c-word. Producer Mike becomes Producer Michael. Quite simply, it's insanity.

But, aside from all that madness, Meg's Golden Record is angelic in its innocence.

Meg's Golden Record:

  • Girls, Season 3, Episode 7 "Beach House" (audio-visual)

  • Knowledge of Dolly Parton's Existence (audio-visual)
  • Laughing hysterically at a restaurant with friends (multisensory experience)
  • The smell of poolside sunscreen and chlorine (multisensory experience) 
  • Realizing you have a crush on someone (multisensory experience)

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