Fundamentally Corny (with Taylor Garron)

Join Shelby and Caleb as they discuss their lives of opulence and mental stability with writer and comedian Taylor Garron. Yes, eventually they will get to Taylor's Golden Record picks, but it is extremely important that they spend 20+ minutes discussing gold futures and the frustrations of property tax variances from state to state.

Of course, with all of that wealth must come the finer things in life, all of which Taylor is sending to the aliens—dining (and, frankly? lunching) on crustaceans, elegant music and television, and dislodging the aforementioned bits of crustaceans from one'

Taylor's Artifacts:

  • Shrimp (food)
  • Hot service workers (human archetype)
  • Horny eye contact with strangers (human behavior)
  • MIA’s first and second albums (audio)
  • Flavor of Love and I Love New York (video)

  • Finally getting a bit of food unstuck from your molar (multisensory experience)

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