Gender Crimes (with River Butcher)

Caleb is back from Missouri. Shelby is still in Ohio. There seems to be some question of whether Caleb is someone who enjoys biking but rest assured that he is into it.

Comedian River Butcher is on the podcast today, and he's got the '90s on his mind. Well, the '90s and a song by Softee that absolutely GOES. River's Golden Record has the sound, look, and feel of a pre-2K world, because the aliens deserve it. And frankly? You do, too. 

River's Artifacts

  • "Cutout" by Softee (audio)

  • The sound of a video cassette rewinder
  • River's 90s Spotify playlist, "Morning Ride To The Elms In My Mom's Red Nissan." (audio)

  • The feeling of going to the mall on a Saturday in 1995 (multisensory experience)
  • 90s Taco Bell interiors (human design aesthetic)

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