Hard and Wet (with Jacquis Neal)

Actor, podcaster, and producer Jacquis Neal (Culture Kings, The Cast, UCB) puts together one of the most well-rounded records we here at not-NASA have ever seen. Film, television, music, food, and human experience—it's all on there. We fully endorse Jacquis for President of the United States of America.

Jacquis's Artifacts

  • Jay-Z, "Meet The Parents" (audio)

  • Martin (audio-visual)

  • The Truman Show (audio-visual)

  • Skinny Dipping in Provincetown, MA (human experience)
  • Crispy Onion Chicken Recipe (food and document)

Original Voyager Artifact

  • Greek Greeting: "Greetings to you, whoever you are. We come in friendship to those who are friends." (audio)

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