Haunt Me, Paul (with Sam Sanders)


An episode full of shocking revelations. Someone in the room (EJ) has never been to TGI Friday's. Someone else in the room (Shelby) thinks Taylor Swift is a psychopath. And someone else in the room (our guest Sam Sanders [It's Been a Minute, Vibe Check, Into It]) didn't know that Jason Mraz says he's Mr. A to Z because Mr. A to Z spells... Mraz .

Also we rarely get this topical/controversial but if you're looking for a primer on the entire DWD drama between Oliv*a and H*rry and J*son, we've got a literal NPR reporter (our guest Sam Sanders) to take you through it beat by beat. 

At some point, artifacts were sent to the aliens. 

Sam's Artifacts: 

  • Continuum by John Mayer (Music)

  • "Pop-Up Video" (Audio-Visual)
  • Really Good California Edibles (Drug)
  • Carly Rae Jepson (Person)
  • Funyons (Food)
  • Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper (Ephemera)

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