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Caleb and Shelby are back with their first video episode, which also just so happens to be a Listener Submission episode. Caleb questions the quality of his video, but decides he doesn't care because he looks great on camera. Meanwhile, Shelby's shadows? Sort of going wherever they want. Before diving into your picks, Caleb and Shelby analyze:

  • Caleb's crazy week with the Pope in Tucson
  • Girlies who can have free clout because they're *the* girlies
  • 3rd string NFL tight ends they are both attracted to

And Listeners...your submissions for this week are equally alarming and beautiful, welcome bark lil freaks:

Your Record Additions

  • "Thrussy" used in jest (Portmanteau)
  • Earnest a cappella music (Audio)
  • The Pope shaming people (Experience)
  • Denver int. airport conspiracy theories (Chronicles)
  • Yelp restaurant reviews (Literature)
  • Getting surprise mail from a friend (Experience)
  • "Uppercut" by Lou Roy (2022 Song) (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)


Your Deletions

  • “Thrussy” used sincerely (Portmanteau)
  • Caleb being a bully to Shelby (Perception)
  • Finding out via Instagram story that your crush is in a new relationship (Experience)
  • Sleeping in AirPods and waking up with sore ears (Affliction)
  • Baby memorabilia that weirdly sexualizes the kid (Trend)


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