Hot Girls and Their Ugly Dogs (with Ashley Nicole Black)

This week on the pod, Caleb, Shelby, and Emmy-winning (!!!) writer/actress/comedian Ashley Nicole Black get into it. It = the best moments of the human experience, the things we should be most proud to show off to the aliens in space. It mostly = the 1997 ouevre My Best Friend's Wedding.  

They also get into the use of stalls vs. urinals, how to actually give someone a compliment without telling on yourself, and an absolutely harrowing tale from Caleb's dating life. Let this be a reminder to do a thorough background check on all your dates, lil freaks!!!!

Ashley's Artifacts

  • Day Drinking Outside (Experience)
  • When a Baby Uses You As a Couch (Behavior)
  • My Best Friend's Wedding (1997 Film)

  • Being a Drunk Girl in the Bathroom (Shared Feeling)
  • Adopting Dogs (Activity)

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