I Know That's Right (with Lily Sullivan)

The world's teeeeniest podcast hosts (Caleb and Shelby) invite on the tiiiiiniest guest (writer/performer/recent sister wife Lily Sullivan [The Righteous Gemstones, I Think You Should Leave, Comedy Bang Bang!]) to talk about about this parmesan cheese commercial for an hour. They are all so small and so brave.

This episode also marks the development of a brand new spinoff podcast, hereafter referred to as a "side pod," wherein one of the hosts or even the guests themselves start their own separate conversation on a topic of their choosing, directly to camera. A real chaotic surround sound experience from the people that brought you the original chaotic stereo sound experience known as Keeping Records.

Lily's Artifacts

  • This Italian Commercial for Parmigiano Reggiano (Audio-visual)
  • Huge Ice-filled Glasses of Water (Beverage)
  • The Feeling of When Someone Tells You a Huge Piece of Gossip and You Know You're Gonna Talk About It Together For 5 Hours Straight (Experience)
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001 Film)

  • This TikTok of a baby waking up (Audio-visual)

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