I Love Murder (with Amy Miller)

Comedian Amy Miller comes to the pod to settle an age-old feud with Caleb (started like a month ago?) and to ignite a brand-new feud with Shelby (over burritos). And there's also her Golden Record, which is loaded like a Bay Area super-burrito with artifacts to communicate to the aliens what they need to know about human life.

Caleb and Shelby and Amy also discuss the scariest sound collage of all time, which, incidentally, is what NASA sent to the aliens.

Amy's Artifacts

  • Watching a grown man try to take off his hoodie, and then his undershirt also goes up a little and you making eye contact to acknowledge that you witnessed the hotness (human behavior)
  • Being super mad but not being able to help laughing (human behavior)
  • The last three bites of a Bay Area carnitas super burrito (culinary advancement)
  • Cabbage fart joke from The Golden Girls (audio-visual)

  • Sam Rockwell dancing (human being)
  • Vine “I want to be famous.” (audio-visual)

  • YouTube “More sand.” (audio-visual)

  • So I Married an Axe Murderer Soundtrack (audio)

  • Dateline (audio-visual)

  • Movie theaters with recliners, a full bar, and a full menu including milkshakes (human experience)
  • Scented candles from Target (human ephemera)
  • A salvation tract, preferably "Some Day You Will Stand Before God" (document) 
  • The Diary of Anne Frank (document)

Original Voyager Artifact

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