I See Two Holes Right Now (with E.R. Fightmaster) [Re-release]

OK tiny freaks! This is our very last re-release before a very special episode next week (!) and an even more special (!!) episode the week after. So hang tight, stay tuned, don't touch that dial. We're almost back, baby. 

Actor, producer, and writer E.R. Fightmaster takes great issue with the premise of Keeping Records. And the issue is that the show shouldn't be about educating the aliens on humanity—it's about making the aliens feel how we feel. And that means the aliens need to feel perplexed by CrossFit, electrified by Temptation Island, inspired by the WNBA, and...I actually am not sure what they'll think about the oyster thing. But they're gonna feel something.

E.R.'s Artifacts

  • CrossFit (human behavior)
  • Temptation Island (audio-visual)

  • The WNBA "Wubble" Season (audio-visual)
  • Books about cities (literature)
  • Oysters (food)
  • A text that says “I’m running five behind” when you are really 20 behind (human behavior)

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