I Take Being Silly Seriously (with Geoffrey James)

I...don't know what to say about this one. Actor, writer, and fellow Headgum podcaster Geoffrey James is on the show and just...wow. What even happened here? Mayhem, tattoos, heavily reused bits from last episode, our hosts and guest are absolutely depraved this episode.

Geoff's Artifacts

  • When someone with acrylic nails scratches your back during a personal low (multisensory experience)
  • Pretty. Odd. by Panic! At the Disco (audio)

  • Feeling pride when buying something specific at a hardware store (human emotion)
  • Aioli (multisensory experience)
  • Making a friend feel bad about almost getting in a car accident for way longer than is fair (multisensory experience)
  • The 10-minute underwater scuba battle in Thunderball (1965) (audio-visual)

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