I'm Done With Art That Challenges Me (with Alison Leiby)


Fresh off of their weekend of debauchery in New York City (read: being kept up by neighbors and flooded in their hotel), Caleb and Shelby have a date with comedian, writer, and producer Alison Leiby (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The President Show) to plan out her Golden Record. Alison wants to show the aliens our best media, and for them to be orally fixated and in comfortable footwear the whole time.

Alison's Artifacts

  • Diet Coke and popcorn (food and beverage) 
  • Party Down, S02E05, "Steve Guttenberg's Birthday" (audio-visual)

  • Yacht rock (music genre)
  • When dogs and cats cross their front paws (animal behavior)
  • Birkenstocks (human apparel)
  • Sharing the perception of an awkward moment with a stranger in a large store (multi-sensory experience) 

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