It's Not For You (with Beth Stelling)

Comedian and podcaster Beth Stelling ordered some hour ago. They're still not here yet but she's going to go ahead and get started telling Caleb and Shelby her plans for her Golden Record: people falling over and hurting themselves but like not reaaaally hurting themselves, her niece meeting a woodland creature, Ted Danson absolutely nailing it on—oh shit, someone's knocking, brb

Beth's Artifacts

  • Falling compilations (audio-visual)
  • Niece meeting a bunny for the first time (audio-visual)
  • Mr. Mayor (audio-visual)

  • Photo of Beth and her mom in Hawaii after her mom retired from teaching (image)
  • 6th grade home videos or her and her friends making music videos (audio-visual)

Original Voyager Artifact

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