Mommy is Home

They're back from their meeting with NASA; seems like things went well. Now, Caleb's in New York, and Shelby's in LA. But the Zoom that connects them through the cosmos? That's Mommy, and Mommy is home. They play F/M/K with the Supreme Court (answers open to interpretation) and then open up the submission line to solicit additions/deletions for the Golden Record, and as usual you lil freaks did not disappoint. Covering a real wide breadth of the most pressing issues of our time, we have the following:

Your Record Additions:

  • "Never Again" by Kelly Clarkson (Audio)\
  • Soft pretzels dipped in cheese (Food)
  • Finding out a coworker hates the same coworker as you (Feeling)

Your Record Deletions:

  • Fluorescent Lighting (Light source)
  • Rolling Coal (Activity)
  • Anya Making the Temperature Too Hot in the Studio (Producer Oversight)
  • Charmin Bears (Product Mascot)

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