MRIs Are Expensive (with Nori Reed)

Caleb has fallen and hit his head. Like a true king he got back up, but now Shelby has the difficult task of convincing him that he doesn't have a brain bleed. Luckily, she has comedian, writer, and actress Nori Reed to assist in assuring Caleb that he doesn't need to seek immediate medical attention. And while Nori's here, why not find out what she'd put on her Golden Record? Absurd reality television, home decor superstores, Italian vistas and Diane Lane, and Normani's magic basketball bum bounce are all heading to space.

Nori's Artifacts

  • The Swan (audio-visual)

  • IKEA (architecture and multisensory experience)
  • Normani, "Motivation" (audio)

  • Under The Tuscan Sun (audio-visual)

  • Caleb falling and hitting his head during his self-tape (audio-visual)

Original Voyager Artifact

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